August 5, 2020

Never had you ever missed these games: 90’s Kids

FROSTPUNK Frostpunk gives me a deep sense of dread and satisfaction I didn’t think a city management sim could deliver. Unlike its contemporaries, which might include fiddling with a city’s economy, zoning and the happiness of its citizens, in this game, all my decisions have life and death consequences. Because in this world, resources are limited […]

Top 5 Nostalgic Games that You Should Know

Given the prominence of PC gaming these days, it is easy to see how some believe the platform is enjoying a golden age. This belief isn’t meritless. With lower-priced parts, the continued ease of building a PC, and platforms like Steam selling titles at rock bottom prices, PC gaming is more popular than ever. Many […]

All You Need to Know about Computer Gaming

With more than 154 million Americans playing video games, or about half of the country, it’s no surprise that children commonly turn to this method of entertainment. While this time playing video games may appear to be wasted, it actually provides an opportunity to connect kids with their education in fun and engaging ways. Interactive […]