August 5, 2020

Top 3 Featured Mobile Games You Should never Miss Playing

Sometimes, the best kinds of games are the ones you can play away from your television or monitor, the kinds of games you can play on the couch horizontally while bingeing a television show, or while you’re waiting for a friend. But we’re not talking about your Nintendo 3DS or Switch here–sometimes you need something smaller, a game for when you’re standing shoulder to shoulder on the bus to work, something portable enough you can play with one hand to help you kill your long commute time.

That’s right: mobile games. Hey wait! Come back, it’ll be good I promise! Despite the kinds of games you might be thinking of featuring birds, clans, candy, farms, or some monstrous hybrid of them all, there are actually a lot of great new games coming out to the App Store and the Google Play that are definitely worth checking out on your phone or tablet.

Mobile platforms have always been home to super interesting games that take risks, whether it be due to the unique form factor, control methods, or just because. But if you like blockbuster games, 2018 has been a good year, one where the most popular video games on consoles and PCs, Fortnite and PUBG, have mobile ports that are actually really playable and feature cross-play between platforms.

This article collects some of the best new mobile games the GameSpot staff have been enjoying this year. It’s by no means a definitive list–there are a lot of games out there, and we’re only halfway through the year. We’ll be updating it as we discover more games we love.

If there’s a game you’ve been spending tons of time playing on your phone this year, recommend it to us in the comments! We’ll check it out and throw it in the list if we love it too.

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